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During the holiday season is the perfect time to start tea-toxing and one of our favorite brands of detox teas is Tea Detox. We have tried and loved many of the Tea Detox teas which you can find reviews for Here and Here. Since we have had such great results with the Tea Detox we decided to try the 14 Day Detox. We took you along on the journey of our 14 Day Detox Program but not only did we drink the Tea Detox morning and night teas, we also tried to eat as healthy as possible and work out a few times a week to really get the best results.


Eating healthy has always been really important to us. Less is more is always our motto. We like to eat lighter and healthier foods throughout the week that way when we do want to indulge, we’re not paying much of a consequence. Some of our favorite snacks are fruits, sliced apples with caramel, wheat thins with baybel cheese, and pita chips with hummus.


Getting to the gym can be tough, but when we do we love getting in some cardio and walking incline on the treadmill. Weights are always something we like to try out weather it be arm exercises or squats, they definitely help tone. If we are not in the mood for the gym, yoga is something we love to practice, just grab a yoga mat and your good to go.


How it works: The 14 Day Tea Detox is a 2 step detox program. This means you will receive one tea to take every morning and another one to take every 2nd night.

The Morning BoostStimulates the body, increases the metabolism and assists in converting food into healthy energy. This is a loose leaf tea which you steep in a tea infuser like this cute strawberry one from tea detox, and not only is this tea easy to make it tastes incredible too! You drink this tea every morning with breakfast for 14 days.

The Night CleanseCleanses the colon and the digestive tract by removing the buildup of toxins. Unlike the morning boost tea, this is a bagged tea which you can steep for 3-5 min. Pop in a lemon and this tea is just right before bed every second night.


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