Posted by Ephram Stephenson

Losing weight can be tough. It takes time, dedication, effort and a lot of perseverance. Sometimes we think we are doing everything is in our hands to lose weight but seems like nothing is working after all the struggle. There are a few things that might be stopping you from losing the extra pounds...


This seems so cliche, but it is so important! Eating breakfast really does set the tone for the rest of the day. If you skip it, or eat an empty-calorie breakfast, you are basically setting yourself up for a day of bad eating habits. For example, if you eat a sugar-laden breakfast like a donut or take-away muffin, then you will more than likely experience a sugar crash not long after and will probably get very hungry, very quickly. If you skip breakfast, then hello grumpy! The thing that is most important for me is the mental aspect of it - if you eat a nourishing, filling breakfast, you feel better and are in the right mindset to eat better for the rest of the day. You won’t feel as though you have let yourself down as soon as you start.

Tip: if your reason for skipping breakfast is the morning rush, then take it on the go!! The easiest breakfast to prepare at night and take in the morning is a smoothie (a banana, a bunch of your favourite fruit, some veggies like kale, and a spoon of raw oats and you are ready to attack the day!). 



We are constantly watching what we eat, but what about our drinks? If you are a fan of drinking soda, you should think twice before reaching out for a glass of those… Unfortunately, there are virtually no nutritional benefits that come with drinking sodas, so you’re practically drinking empty calories. If you are wanting to lose weight, this is the first thing you should try to replace. You will be surprised at how many calories one soft drink contains! On top of this, they are filled with refined sugars, which also cause your blood sugar levels to spike. If you like the taste of bubbly drinks, try to swap them out for sparkling water. It can be a little different at first, but you will get used to it! If you need some more flavour, add chopped up fruits to infuse your water, such as strawberries, raspberries and citrus. Mint is also a great addition!




Some of us stick to the plan perfectly in our main meals. However we get bored or hungry between meals and we just reach out for whatever the fridge or cupboard has to offer. One simple yet effective way to keep this snacking at bay is brushing your teeth once you have finished eating, have a BIG cup of water and don't mingle around the kitchen. Out of sight out of mind! This won’t be only good for your diet, but also for your teeth and hydration levels! Triple win!!



If you are trying to stick to a Tea Detox plan the best thing you can do is write down your goals and keep track of your progress. A great idea is to print out a calendar and cross each cup of tea as you drink it, this way you will physically be able to see your progress and it will be an incentive not to give up. We have free calendars ready to download here: We all need a little encouragement from time to time and seeing how far we have come can be a nice surprise when we are feeling a little dejected. Another good idea is taking a picture of yourself at the start and another one at the end of the detox plan. Most people feel like they see no change until they look back on previous pictures and see how far they have actually come. 


You can download your Tea Detox Calendars here:

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